Thursday, January 1, 2015

Grace and Peace to You

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. – 1st Corinthians 1:3

Hello, I’m a guy with a Bible.  I’m not a degreed theologian, I’m just an ordinary disciple of Christ and student of God’s Word.  And I firmly believe that all of us, from the simplest citizen to the ordained pastor with a doctorate in theology, have an obligation to study God’s message to mankind regularly.

This blog is designed to be a topical blog as subjects and issues come to mind.  Its companion blog, A Guy With a Bible Study, is a verse-by-verse presentation of the Bible in brief devotional form.  Read through both freely, leave comments, and hopefully we will all grow as a body, together into the head, which is Christ.

Headlining this entry is the apostle Paul’s standard greeting to the churches that received letters from him: Grace and peace.  And what a wonderful greeting that is; certainly far more rich and meaningful than the typical “Hello” we exchange with friends.

Grace is such a big word with great usage throughout the Bible.  Is there a definition for it that is both concise but comprehensive? – I doubt it.  The traditional way of keeping it simple has been to define grace as God’s unmerited favor; and while that is certainly true, it only begins to dust off the topic.

Peace in the spiritual sense is a cessation of hostility between God and sinners, as well as a calming rest in the midst of troubles.  And any sinner who has surrendered to Jesus Christ and felt the relief of God’s peace upon him can testify to what a great blessing that is, making this greeting a welcome one.

And so as we head into 2014, I would likewise wish to extend God’s grace and peace to all of you as well.  May you experience His unmerited favor and abundant friendship this coming year!